The time-lapse as promotional marketing action

Camera Crew Valencia and Barcelona: ¡The Time Lapse Action!

The time-lapse technique is one of the most effective ways of creating videos that transmit emotion. Promotional videos are frequently used by companies and institutions in order to communicate their ideology and values. The technique of time-lapse can make their format more appealing and interesting and their content more useful for the audience. Commercials and promotional marketing actions can also benefit from this accelerated presentation of reality because timelapse permits the human eye to witness a course of action never seen before. We are experts in this technique of video production with camera crew Valencia, camera crew Barcelona.

Time-lapse videos can be defined by their main characteristics. The most representative one is that these are condensed videos: a sequence that takes place during hours or even days is accelerated in order to be displayed on an average video length of 1 minute which conveys an idea, a feeling or a moment in life.

Time-lapse productions are dynamic. This is practically what defines this technique as movement is the raison d’être of this kind of videos and what provides them with versatility. Their dynamism generates a response in the receivers of the message, inviting them to action.

The capacity of a time-lapse video to capture the attention is practically immediate. The main reason for this is that the sequences of images do not follow the pattern of time which is familiar to our senses. The images are taken from real life but the way of presenting them is really new for the eye and this new perspective is what makes them a complete revolutionary visual experience camera crew Valencia and camera crew Barcelona.

Music is also an important support for any kind of video production as it enhances the emotional component of the images. Timelapse accompanied by the right choice of soundtrack is a win-win strategy for any promotional video.

The perspective provided by a time-lapse video is unique because there is no way to watch it in real life. That is why these videos are so attractive for the audience. They carry the sense that, if you miss it, you will not have the opportunity to see it again. The idea is to present a moment that seems real from a perspective never seen before.

Time-lapse productions are very valuable tools for promotional marketing actions due to their capacity to create a scene that surrounds the audience inviting them to share an experience. The value of this experience is what makes the receiver of the message to react in order to satisfy the necessity created by the commercial.

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