Top 5 Film Locations in Spain

¿Are you planning on shooting in Spain for your next film? Many international movies have been located in some of the most emblematic places in this country. In this post, we introduce you the most incredible locations you can not miss out on your next project.

Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao)

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum is located in Bilbao, and it is one of the most important contemporary art museums in Spain. Designed by the Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry, it has made an appearance in the film ‘007: The World is Not Enough’ directed by Michael Apted. James Bond travels to Bilbao and, in front of the Guggenheim, Pierce Brosnan faces off with Sophie Marceau. He also took a walk along Iparraguirre Street and La Salve Bridge.

 Plaza de España (Seville)

Plaza de España, Sevilla

You sure do remember seeing this place in the film ‘Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones’. The famous main square in Seville, Plaza de España, was at times the palace of Queen Amidala, located on the planet Naboo in the second instalment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Punta de Teno (Tenerife)

Punta de Teno, Tenerife

With a lighthouse located at the edge of this impressive cliffs, Punta de Teno hosted one of the most famous scenes in ‘Fast and Furious‘, where the cars reached almost 200 miles per hour and involved a high level of danger that meant the area had to be closed off for filming.

Atocha station (Madrid)

Atocha Station, Madrid

This famous train station with a massive indoor garden has been the scenery for films such as ‘The Bourne Ultimatum‘, where Matt Damon got on a train that took him to Atocha during his travels around the world.

La Pedrera (Barcelona)

La Pedrera, Barcelona

Built by the famous Spanish architect Gaudí, this building was chosen by Woody Allen in his film ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona‘. “I wanted to pay tribute to Barcelona, because I love this city and because I love Spain in general. It’s a city full of visual beauty, it has a very romantic sensibility” says Woody Allen about this city.

This are only some of the many great locations that Spain has in store for filmmakers. Crew in Motion has more than 250 professionals with years of experience in all stages of audiovisual production services.

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