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Production Services Spain, Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona ¡Motion Graphics advertising!

The technique of Motion Graphics has considerably increased its fame and value within today’s audiovisual industry in recent years. The art of applying movement to design has been appearing on music videos and credits of films and TV series for years, but now it emerges as an aesthetic, dynamic and original option through which brands can tell their stories and present their corporative identity and mission. That being said… why is motion graphics becoming the best audiovisual trend for marketing and advertising? Because it is way more economical than shooting a commercial and, what is more, it is a type of content in high demand on digital devices such as smartphones and tablets.

production service Spain, Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona, offers services covering a wide range of subgenres encompassed in motion graphics so as to meet the needs of each company, as well as to be able to showcase very specific products or projects. For instance, Motion Graphics can develop tutorials for your App or Startup, building a whole universe around the application so that users can easily get familiar with its functioning.

This technique is also key in advertising campaigns: it does not only help improve the company’s public image, but also illustrates the representation of its data and results in the form of animated graphics. Explaining a new concept, trend or customer behaviour is also a strength of this field.

Crew in Motion is a Motion Graphics specialised team, with locations in Valencia and Madrid as well. They put highly-experienced, English-speaking audiovisual professionals at your disposal to produce top-quality multimedia material. What is more, they will also edit, upgrade and work in postproduction with you.

The Crew in Motion Video Production company provides a whole staff of experts that have already collaborated and worked for international TV stations like BBC, SKY SPORTS, Deutsche Welle or National Geographic. If you would like to find out more about them, enter, where you will be able to see their latest gigs as well as demo reels with all their specialisations. It is worth mentioning that, aside from Motion Graphics, they include underwater filming, time-lapse, reports, interviews, corporate videos and documentaries.

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