Health and safety measures for preventing COVID-19 on set

At CREW IN MOTION we are concerned about ensuring that we keep every production as safe as possible for all of our workers and clients. Since March, when the pandemic reached its peak in Spain, we developed a series of safety rules and recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19 while shooting.

Here are our main measures and recommendations that are always present on set and we encourage you to do the same in every production you assist to:

  • Maintaining adequate hygienic measures and social distancing from each other when possible. 
  • Avoiding face-to-face meetings and providing virtual meeting rooms on Zoom. If this is not possible, meetings will be held in a well ventilated facility, with 2m distance between each person and with mandatory face mask on. 
  • We encourage our crew to always use private means of transportation such as cars, motorcycles and cabs, and of course environmentally friendly ones such as bicycles and electric scooters. 
  • Specific training on disinfection and cleaning protocols and information regarding the risk of COVID-19, rules of action, established protection and prevention measures, use of personal protective equipment. 
  • Placement of signs, posters, as well as any other safety recommendation on set according to each project. 
  • We schedule our crew for COVID-19 testing when available and authorized by the competent authorities. These tests shall be performed upon medical prescription and following the medical protocol to be determined.
  • Daily temperature checks on set.
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  • Delivery of a daily PPE kit: masks, nitrile gloves, etc. Along with the kit, hydroalcoholic gel and adequate information on its correct use will be provided, including the correct technique for the use of protective masks and gloves.
  • Any member feeling unwell with symptoms such as cough, fever or respiratory distress, as well as diarrhea, sore throat, headache, dizziness, dizziness, mucus, chills, nausea, malaise, fatigue, muscle aches, hives and other skin lesions, smell and taste alterations, etc., will leave the set, quarantine and wait to get tested for COVID-19.
  • Professional cleaning equipment for the disinfection of rooms, transport vehicles, materials, etc., when appropriate and in particular at the end of each working day. 
  • Radio equipment / walkie-talkie to communicate between the different departments so that they do not have to be together in the same room.
  • Catering individualized and protected, with large tables to have enough separation and/or in shifts. 
  • Individualized hair and make-up kit for each actor / actress. Intensified cleaning protocols for your equipment and use of single-use brushes and applicators. All other equipment should be thoroughly cleaned before and after each shooting day.
  • Ventilation and disinfection of each set during and after each working day.
  • To have the minimum number of workers on the filming set. Whenever possible, departments should be organized into “working groups” and kept separate.
  • The Interrotron is a variation of the teleprompter and used to interview subjects. Rather than seeing text over the camera’s lens, the on-camera interviewee sees the face of the person asking the questions.We use this device to ensure social distance at each time. 

All of our staff is highly committed to follow these rules and recommendations in order to prevent COVID-19 and keep everyone safe on set.

If you have any questions for us regarding our health protocol feel free to contact us at