8 Essential Tips for Location Scouting

Choosing the right location is a crucial step in any production, and planning every detail ahead can really make a difference in the final result. Keep reading if you want to know our tips and tricks on how to get the perfect spot for your next documentary, film, corporate video or commercial.

1. Know your script

Location scouting means turning an idea of a scene into a real place. That’s why it is important to focus on what’s on the script instead of getting lost in the infinite possibilities that locating offers. Select a suitable location for your shoot and move to the next step.

2. Scout at the right time

Any location can change depending on the season and hour of the day, so make sure to visit your chosen spot at the exact same time that you will be filming to avoid any disappointments.

3. Look at light

Always check the lightning levels by filming a few minutes in the selected location. Also, look for windows, blinds and curtains that can be opened to improve the amount of light coming in.

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4. Follow the sun

Scouting outdoors can be a challenge too, specially because of the harsh lights and shadows.

5. Check for power supplies

Bringing a spare battery is a must, but even better is to consider other options. How will you power your lights? What if you end up running out of all the batteries? Is there any plug around? Better safe than sorry.

6. Listen

Traffic, water, echoes… anything that can interfere with the audio must be identified when scouting by testing your camera’s microphone through headphones.

7. Get permission

Before any shoot, you’ll need to get the permits and other legal permission to film at certain locations.

8. And finally, decide where to set up

Make sure that you’ll be able to set up all your equipment in the area and plan ahead anything extra you may need on the shoot day.

We’ll hope that this tips were useful, but don’t worry, if this seems a lot to handle, we are here for you. Contact us to find your dream location in Spain according to your budget. Let’s talk!