The drones, an improvement for the world of videomarketing

Camera Crew Spain in Madrid: ¡Drones for the Videomarketing!

Technology has come a long way, offering new possibilities in all professional activities. In the field of audiovisual production Spain, all these innovations have enabled very creative videos, with the decrease in production costs. The drones are a great improvement for the world of videomarketing.

These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly known as a drones, are equipped with electric motors. Its flight is controlled by the remote control of a pilot on the ground or a camera crew Spain for Camera crew Madrid.

The GPS technology and remote control allow the safe operation of unmanned aircraft beyond the line of sight of the operator, which is crucial for use of drones. He will be watching from a monitor on the floor. Then, the drone is pre-configured for a certain path at a specified height.

For best results, drones must be equipped with the latest technology and high quality cameras, with image stabilization system to reduce blurring associated with the motion of a camera and the unwanted vibrations. Thus, we can get fluid and dynamic movements, as operating the steadicam on a crane. The possibilities are almost endless. Using your own creativity and the work of the camera crew Spain in Madrid, we will get professionally produced content.

The main advantage of using drones in the recording of images is to get spectacular shots from an original perspective. The ground control monitor shows the real-time photography to the operator.

The low-cost drones, as “Optocopter” can be used for films that would otherwise require a helicopter or a manned aircraft, reducing costs. It’s possible perform a spectacular audiovisual production Spain avoiding exorbitant costs. In addition, drones can be used in more complicated circumstances. For example, they can fly safely between buildings, trees or electrical wires, even in places where other larger devices don’t fit.

The safety of drones is always high because the risks are lower in an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. But, before the start of recording images taken by drones, several factors must be considered:

  • Information and training. A ‘training’ is needed to control one of these drones, and learn properly its operation.
  • Check the laws in force and legislation in the place where you are recording, to prevent potential sanctions.
  • Choose the right drone for you. There are different drone designs available, depending on the size, price and desired specifications.